Hierarchy 2019-20

Dr. Aman-ur-Rahman

Gul Hameed

Vice President:
Hassan Tufail

General Secretary: 
Ruman Tahir

Finance Secretary: 
Amir Abbas

Head Information: 

Head Management:
Tanvir Husain

Head Literature:
Inaam Ilahi

Head Documentation: 
Ammar Mukhtar

Head Design:
Fakhar Fatima

Head Social:
Moeeze Hassan

Head Urdu Editing: 
Muhammad Aaqib

Head English Editing:

Head Takmeel:
Irtiza Ahmad

PLS Updated members list

Name Academic Session Membership Status
Farukh Anique BS 11-15 Alumni
Zeeshan Nayyar BS 11-15 Alumni
Hammad Hassan  BS 11-15 Alumni
Hammad  Aslam BS 11-15 Alumni
Mazhar Iqbal BS 11-15 Alumni
Abdur Rafay BS 12-16 Alumni
Hafiz Muhammad Waqar Sharif BS 12-16 Alumni
Maryam Zafar   BS 12-16 Alumni
Abdul Wasay BS 12-16 Alumni
Nauman Shahid Khan BS 12-16 Alumni
Ammar Qaseem BS 13-17 Alumni
Hamza Ihtesham BS 13-17 Alumni
Aisha Noor BS 13-17 Alumni
Zukhruf Amjad BS 13-17 Alumni
Mahnoor Aftab BS 13-17 Alumni
Wajiha Akbar BS 13-17 Alumni
Basit Ali BS 13-17 Alumni
Aneeq Raheem BS 13-17 Alumni
Abdul Hanan Zafar Bs 14-18 Alumni
Huda Mahmood  Bs 14-18 Alumni
Ujyara Saleem Bs 14-18 Alumni
Neha Masroor Bs 14-18 Alumni
Rameesha Murtaza Bs 14-18 Alumni
Sheikh Emad ud din Bs 14-18 Alumni
Uzair Azam Bs 14-18 Alumni
Momenah Saleem Bs 14-18 Alumni
Ahmad Arshad Bs 14-18 Alumni
Abdullah Bilal Bs 14-18 Alumni
Shinawar Ahmed Toor Bs 14-18 Alumni
Afroz Khan Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Ameer Khan Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Bilal Ahmad Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Nuha Saad Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Zeeshan Asif Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Shamas Bilal Bs 15-19 Member
M Talha Fayyaz Bs 15-19 Member
Abd ur Rehman Bodla Bs 15-19 Member
Abdul Muiz Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Ahab Zahoor Bs 15-19 Member
Ali Husnain Bs 15-19 Member
Ihtsham Saeed Bs 15-19 Member
Mariam Azam Bs 15-19 Member
Faizan Mohyuddin Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Suleman Rasheed Bs 15-19 Member
Faran Aslam Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Hamid Ali Bs 15-19 Member
Masoud Tarar Bs 15-19 Member
Muhammad Waqas Bs 15-19 Member
M Hamza Nisar Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Usama Qayyum Bs 15-19 Senior Member
M Rehan Iqbal Bs 15-19 Member
Hafiz Abdul Aziz Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Hira Majeed Bs 14-18 Alumni
Hasnat Khalid Bs 15-19 Senior Member
M Tayyab Bs 14-18 Alumni
Syed Ali Mujtaba Bs 15-19 Senior Member
Aamir Javed Bs 14-18 Alumni
Agha M. Mujtaba Bs 14-18 Alumni
Salman Tanseer Bs-15-19 Senior Member
Abubakr Shahnawaz Bs 14-18 Alumni
ch. asad saeed Bs 14-18 Alumni
Hamza Qayyum Bs-15-19 Member
Faizan Javed Bs-16-20 Senior Member
Gul Hameed Bs-16-20 Senior Member
Amna Shamshad Bs-16-20 Member
Warda Mohsin Bs-16-20 Member
Narmeen falak Bs-16-20 Member
M. Mubeen javed Bs-16-20 Member
M. Haseem umer Bs-16-20 Member
Sadam Hussain Bs-16-20 Member
Shahzad Ahmad Bs-16-20 Member
Sibghat ullah Bs-16-20 Member
Usama Bin Islam Bs-16-20 Member
Ahmad Raza Bs-16-20 Member
Ammar Qazi Bs-16-20 Member
M. Tahir khan Niazi Bs-16-20 Member
Saif-ur-Rehman Bs-16-20 Member
Zeeshan Asalam Bs-16-20 Member
M.Hassan Bs-16-20 Senior Member
Zunayyara Khalid Bs-16-20 Senior Member
Ch Abdullah Waseem Bs-16-20 Member
Mudasser Afzal Bs-15-19 Senior Member      
All Rounder Rules 
            1.      Each team will consist of two members for All-Rounder competition.
2.         Twelve Teams shall be selected to participate in All-Rounder. In case that the number of teams exceeds 12, then a preliminary written test shall be held to select the first 12 teams with the highest scores.
3.   The competition will consist of five rounds described as follows: -
·         Quiz
·         Bait Bazi
·         Do!T
·         Kasauti
·         Extempore Speech

    It will consist of four topics:
·      General knowledge
·      Pakistan studies (1947 to date )
·      IQ
·      Science
§  Eight questions per team will be asked.

Top eight teams will play the next Bait Bazi, and Kasauti rounds.

3.2.      Bait Bazi
This will consist of the following three rounds:

·         Lafz: Verses, which include one specific word, will be given to the competing team. (Any typical word that poets usually use in their poetry like “Dil”, “Hijr”, “Wasal”, etc. Two words will be given to each team.
·         Harf: Verses, which start with one specific Urdu alphabet will be given to the competing team like “Alif “, “bay”, etc. Two alphabets will be given to the competing team.
·         Qata’at: Each team will be given one incomplete stanza of any famous Urdu poet e.g. Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Mohsin Naqvi, Basheer Badar, Parveen Shakir, etc.
·         Evaluation will depend upon the correctness of the verse, its way of delivery, pronunciation, emotional touch, fluency of reading and accent.
·         Repetition of verses is not allowed.
·         Verses from songs will not be accepted.
·         Judges decision would be considered as final.

3.3.      Kasauti
Consists of two sub sections
·         Places
·         Personalities
§  Political
§  Sports
§  Showbiz
§  Literary

·         6 textual options will be available.
·         Lesser the number of options availed, more will be the points.
·         Availing each option will deduct one point.
·         Judges decision would be considered final incase of any ambiguity.

Top four teams will play the final two rounds, i.e. Extempore Speech and Do!T.

3.4.      Do!T
·         All teams will compete in a single game one by one.
·         Rules for the game will be elaborated at the spot.
·         Time for game will be one minute for each team.
·         Violation of rules may cause disqualification from this round.
·         Judges decision would be considered final incase of any ambiguity.

3.5.      Extempore Speech
·         One member of each team will be given a random topic after the choice of serious OR humorous topics, and will be required to deliver a speech on the topic for duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds.
·         2 minutes preparation time shall be given to each team to prepare the speech before its turn to deliver.
·         A buzzer will sound at the passage of 1 minute and then similarly at the passage of 1 minute and 20 seconds.
·         Negative marking will be carried out once a participant exceeds the time limit.
·         No change of topic on demand by any team is allowed.
·         Speech is evaluated on the basis of material, accent, pronunciation, delivery, expression and time constraint.
·         Decision of the judges shall be considered final.
·         The judges can disqualify any participant, who uses un-parliamentary language, uses personal remarks or uses unfair means.

4.   All the teams are bound to follow all the rules & regulations announced at the starting time of the event.
5.   No arguments shall be entertained on any grounds whatsoever by the PLS.
6.   Any team found to be employing unfair-means shall be disqualified immediately.
7.   Any team can be disqualified at any stage without prior notice whatsoever.
9.   Decision of judges and PLS shall be final and will not be liable to challenge at any stage of the event. 
Sand Castle Building Competition
  • Each team will be consisted of five members.
  •  Registration fee for this event is Rs. 100.
  •  Time duration of this contest will be two hours.
  • Members are requested to report at i-block on 12 am.
  • Each team should remain in its own territory and don't disturb other teams.
  • Only 10 teams will be entertained which will be on first come first get basis.

                                                          Sketching and Caligraphy Competition
  •       Participants will perform individually. 
  •       Teamwork will not be allowed in this contest.
  •       Registration fee for this contest is Rs. 30.
  •       Time duration of this competition will be two hours.
  •       Material will be provided to all the contestants. Participants are requested not to bring anything with them.
  •       Your sketch/calligraphy should not depict any immoral or vulgar message.
  •       Participants are requested to report at i-block on 4 pm.  

 Provided Material:
  •      Scholar sheet.
  •      Acrylic colors (For Calighraphy).
  •      Paint brushes (For Calighraphy)
  •      Lead pencils, erasers and sharpener.

                                                                      HUT MAKING
  •      Each team will be consisted of four to five members.
  •      Registration fee for a single team is Rs.40.
  •      Time duration for this event will be one hour and thirty minutes.
  •      Participants are requested to report at i-block on 4 pm.
  •      Only 10 teams will be entertained which will be on first come first get basis.

        Provided Material:
  •        Ice cream sticks.
  •        German glue
                                                                   T-Shirt Designing Competition

  •     Each team will be consisted of three members.
  •     Registration fee for a single team is Rs. 100.
  •     Time duration of this contest will be one hour and thirty minutes.
  •     Material will be provided to all the teams. Participants are requested not to bring anything with them.
  •     Your shirt should not depict any vulgar quote or image.
  •      Participants are requested to report at I -block on 2 pm.
  •      Only 10 teams will be entertained which will be on first come first get basis.

·       White plain T-shirts 
·       Acrylic colors 
·       Paint brushes

Writing Competition:

1- Participation in any one of the categories is allowed.
2- English and Urdu essays should be 1000 to 1500 words long, while stories should be 1500 to 2000 words in length. Violating any of the limits will result in negative marking.
3- The deadline is 19 March 2016, after which no submission will be accepted.
4- Urdu writings are to be submitted in scanned form.
5- Submissions will only be accepted in PDF or Doc format.
6- Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
7- Participants under consideration for prizes will have to confirm the ownership of their submissions.

Judgment Criteria:Creativity of the content
Use of Vocabulary
Grammar and Sentence Structure
Overall quality of work

English Essay
1. Youth and Developing Pakistan
2. Social Norms, which shouldn't be.
3. Pakistan-A Resilient Nation  
4. Common Sense is so Uncommon

1. وہ مردِ مجاہد نظر آتا نہیں مجھ کو
2. مذہب اور انسان پرستی
3. گھر میں اندھیرا ھے
4. دھرتی کا قرض

Urdu Story
1. وہ بھاگتے قدموں کے ساتھ گھر سے باھِر آگئِ تھی۔ ھِتک بےعزتی کے احساس سے اس کی سانس گُھٹ رھی تھی۔ وہ جلد از جل۰۰۰
2. آج پھر اسے دفتر میں دیر ھوگئ تھی۔ بس میں بیٹھے وہ اپنی سوچوں میں گُم تھا کہ اچانک۰۰۰
3. آسمان بادلوں سے گھِرا ھوا تھا۔ تیز ھوایئں اُس سنسان جگھہ پر عجیب سی سنسناھٹ پیدا کر رہیں تھیں۔ یہ صرف وہی جانتا تھا کہ وہ یہاں کیوں آیا ہے، یا پھر۰۰۰
4. آخر کار وہ اس مُقام تک پوہچ ہی گیا تھا۔ وہ مُقام جس کا خواب وہ بچپن سے دیکھتا آیا تھا، وہ منزل جِس کو پانے کہ لئے ھزاروں لوگوں نے اپنی پوری زندگیاں لگا دیں تھیں۔ وہ اس مُقام پر۰۰۰

English Story
1. He turned the key in the lock and
   opened the door. To his horror, he saw…
2. Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering
   in the bright light of the harvest moon.
   The blackbird swooped down…
3. The asteroid was hurtling straight for Earth.
4. A black wall of cloud raced in from the west.
   Dead leaves scattered in the wind. Once again,
   the perfect setting for his arrival. But... 

Winner of each category will receive a voucher of Saeed Book Bank worth [Rs# 1000] and a certificate of recognition. All participants can request a certificate of a participation by
making a payment of 25Rs. All up-to the mark submissions will be made part of PIEAS Annual Magazine “Dareecha”.

How to Submit:
Submissions should be emailed at pieas.literary.society@gmail.com. Subject of the email should be “WCOMP19Mar2016, [Your Name], [Batch]”, and the email should also
contain your phone number.
Rules for Photography competition

l. Photos must be taken by the person himself.
2. Any type of camera can be used. DSLRs, mobile phones, point and shoot.
3.2 entries per participant are allowed. In case someone sends more than 2 entries, only
his/her first 2 entries will be entertained.
4. All entries must be sent to Email ID of PLS till 18 March, 2016.
5.Post processing is allowed but composites will result in disqualification. Composite means
merging of 2 photos or at least some part of 2 photos to form 1 unreal looking photo.
6.Techniques like focus stacking and Branizer method etc are allowed.
7.SOOC (Straight out of camera) version of your entry (all SOOCs in case of focus stacking
etc) must be sent alongwith your entry so judges can evaluate both the quality of
photography and post processing. Failing to send the SOOC versions will result in
8.EXIF data must be provided with each photo. It must include the following: model of
camera/mobile, lens (if DSLR is used), ISO, aperture, shutter speed. Date and time when the
photo was taken must be included as well. Failing to provide the aforementioned data will
result in disqualification.
9.All photos will be judged on the basis of composition used, focus points, quality of post
processing and visual appeal of photo.
10.Decision of judges will be final and must be accepted by all the participants.
                                           Buck up yourself for Annual Literary Exposition.

PIEAS Literary Society has succesfully published winter'2016 issue of PIEAS Quarterly Newsletter "Zeest" . The Newsletter can be read at following link.

Voter list for elections of PLS for year 2016-2017

Farukh Anique
Life Time Member
Zeeshan Nayyer
Life Time MemberAlumni
Mazhar Iqbal
Senior Member
Abdul Rafay
Senior Member
Maryam Zafar 
Senior Member
Hafiz Muhammad Waqar
Senior Member
Nauman Shahid Khan
Senior Member
Abdul Wasay
Senior Member
Hamza Ihtesham
Senior Member
Ammar Qaseem
Senior Member
Mahnoor Aftab
Senior Member
Wajiha Akbar
Senior Member
Basit Ali
Senior Member
Zukhruf Amjad
Senior Member
Aisha Noor
Senior Member
Rameesha Murtaza
Senior Member
Abdul Hanan Zafar
Senior Member
Ammar Ahmad
Senior Member
Huda Mahmood 
Senior Member
Ujyara Saleem
Senior Member
Neha Masroor
Senior Member
Sheikh Emad ud din
Senior Member
Uzair Azam
Senior Member