Call for PIEAS Magazine Editorial Board

a call for PIEAS Magazine Editorial Board

PIEAS Literary Society along with PIEAS Public Relation Section wants students of PIEAS to come forward for PIEAS Magazine Editorial Board. An interview session will be held for the selection in following categories:
  • English Literature
  • Urdu Literature
  • Graphic Designing
  • Magazine Publishing
Students interested to be a part of above four teams of the editorial board are requested to register before 31st January, 2011  them on PLS blog or contact us @ 03445460481--03312035893 or email us Date, Time and Venue will be emailed to the interested students, soon.

Living on the Egde 2011 - Rules and Regulations

Living on the Edge 2011

Ø  Each team will be comprised of two participants.
Ø  8 teams will play the event of LOTE. In case of the teams exceeding 8, preliminary test will be held on the basis of which 8 teams will be short listed for participating.
Ø  In case of tie, tie breaker will be played with teams having a tie.
Ø  A participation fee worth Rs.50 per team is to be submitted before the event.
Ø  In case of any conflict or issue, judge’s decision will be final and unchallengeable.
Ø  Living on the Edge team has the right to alter the event at any time.
Ø  Event will have following rounds:
Eye on the Clip:
v     1 clip will be played for each team.
v     Each team will be asked 4 questions from the clip.
v     15 seconds will be given for answering the question.
Guess the Beat:
v     Each team will be given a chance to guess one beat.
v     Beats will be of Pakistani songs.
v     15 seconds will be given for guessing the beat.
v     Guessing the beat correctly will earn the team 5 points.
v     Further singing the song (one complete verse necessarily) will lead the teams to 5 more points.
Lafz Kahani:
v     Each team will be presented with the three stories containing three different meanings of the word.
v     15 seconds will be given for choosing the correct story.
Dumb Charades:
v     First one member of a team will have to perform on one proverb and the other will have to guess then vice versa.
v     Lips movement by the performer is not allowed.
v     Verification can be done by nodding the head.
v     Performance will earn the team 5 points.
v     Correct guess will earn the team other 5 points.
v     60 seconds will be given to guess the proverb.
Speed Quiz:
v     1 min will be given to each team for answering as many questions as they can.
v     Correct answer will earn them 1 point, incorrect answer will lead them to -1 and pass will lead them to 0.

For further information:
            Team Head:  
            Mustansar Fiaz       0333-6457391 
            PLS Information Secretary:
            Maaz Ansari            0331-2035893 

Living on the Edge 2011[internal] Poster

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LOTE 2011

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