Dialogue,Story & Article Writing Competition - Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations
  • No entry fee is required.
  • The contest is open to all the undergraduate and graduate students in PIEAS.
  • Topics for each competition will be announced at the time of competition
  • Any article having excessive violence, vulgarity or religious extremism determined by the judges, will not be considered.
  •   Decisions of judges will be final and unchallengeable.
  • One can participate in Article writing and Dialogue writing competition  at a time or Story writing and Dialogue writing at a time, since Article and Story Writing will run in parallel. 
  • Article Writing and Story Writing Competition will be in Urdu and English language as separate competitions. Whether Dialogue Writing Competition will only be in Urdu.

Rules for Article Writing
·         Initially participants will be given 7 topics for article writing.
·         Each participant will have 20 minutes to write outlines of all 7 topics.
·         After 20 minutes, 2 out of 7 topics will be selected by draw.
·         Participants will be given 10 minutes to fine tune the outlines of 2 topics selected though draw.
·         In the end, 1 out of the 2 chosen topics will be selected by draw
·         Each participant will have to write a complete article of 500 to 700 words on the final topic within 40 minutes. 

Rules for Story Writing
·         One outline will be given to participants.
·         Lead of the story will be provided.
·         Participants will have to complete the story within 50 minutes.

Rules for Dialogue Writing
·         3 scenarios will be given to participants.
·         Scenarios will be in Urdu language.
·         Participants will be given 15 minutes for each scenario.
·         Participants will have to write Urdu dialogues on all of the three scenarios
·         A dialogue should not exceed 8 switches.

NASTEC 2010 Participants

Article Writing
Jawad Ali Shakoor
Zain ul Aabideen
Sarah Naeem

Dr.Sadaf Batool

Junaid Shafique 
Shahzad Ali

Photo Essay
Maaz Allah Sheikh
Maham Haroon

Ahmed Bilal

Mind Quest
Uzair khan
Saad Jamal
Abeera Ijaz
Aamna Naeem
Hammad Haider
Abeer Fatima

Wall Grafitti
Junaid Ali
Burhan Aslam
Waqas ur Rehman
Dr.Lubna Khan

Intra PIEAS Writing Competition 2010 Posters

Following are the posters designed by PIEAS Creative Xone for
Intra-PIEAS Writing Competition 2010
[a joint venture of PLS & PPAS]

writin Competition3
writin Competition
An Inspirational video by ~Fine Arts Wing~ about the most realistic paintings of Iman Maleki. 

December 8, 2010 Meeting Outline

Date: December 8, 2010.
Venue: Lecture Room B-217
Timing: 2:15 pm onwards

Meeting Outline

The following issues were discussed in the meeting:

The intra-PIEAS Arts Exhibition was a successful event and the need was felt to organize more such events to promote the culture of art in PIEAS.

The new framework of PLS had been finalized and the members were sorted into the Wings according to the preferences given in the forms and the evaluation by the Heads of each Wing. The lists have been posted on the blog and any objection should be made by 20th of December.

Upcoming events include an Essay and Story Writing Competition and Living on the Edge. The teams for these events have been finalized and are as follows:

Essay and Story Writing Competition:
Faisal Fateh
Junaid Ali
Duraid Abdullah
Aqsa Rukhsar

Living on the Edge:
Mustanser Fiaz
Maaz Ansari
Umair Ahmad
Munazza Majid
Maham Haroon 
Ali Shad

Any objections should be notified immediately at pieas.literary.society@gmail.com. If any member wants to be part of Essay and Story Writing or Living on the Edge Team, he/she may notify at pieas.literary.society@gmail.com. However, it is notified that organizers of events shall not be allowed to participate in the respective event.

A PLS Fund shall be created. Members shall be required to deposit Rs. 50/-per month into the PLS Fund. The fund shall be used to cater immediate needs such as stationary etc before events or for posters.

Members were notified that three consecutive absences from meetings shall lead to cancellation of membership from PLS. In case a member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she is required to notify beforehand so that the meeting shall be re-scheduled if deemed necessary.

PLS Wings

Members have been sorted into four wings. Kindly find below the members for each wing. Any objection should be notified before 20th December,2010. Objections may be posted here or sent via mail to pieas.literary.society@gmail.com

Literary Wing
  • Adeel Ashraf (Head)
  •  Faisal Fateh 
  • Aqsa Rukhsar 
  • Duraid Abdullah 
  • Jehanzeb Tariq 
  • Maaz Ansari 
  • Zain ul Abideen 
  • Umair Ahmad Khan 
  • Ali Raza 
  • Ali Shad 
  • Maham Haroon 
  • Amna Zahid 
  • Haseeb Yaqoob

Organising Wing
  • Asim Anwar (Head) 
  • Ali Asadullah Baig 
  • Danish Naseem 
  • Junaid Shafique 
  • Jehanzeb Tariq 
  • Amna Liaqat 
  • Maaz Ansari 
  • Mustansar Fiaz 
  • Munazza Majid 
  • Maaz Ahmad 
  • Abeera Ejaz 
  • Noor-us-Sahar  Hamed
  • Zainab Binte Rauf
  • Ali Raza

  • Mohammad Abdullah Arshad (Head) 
  • Junaid Shafique 
  • Rubiya Shakil 
  • Tariq Bashir
  •  Hassan Waqas Khan
  •  Muhammad Rizwan
  •  Waqas ur Rehman 
  • Abeer Fatima 
  • Faraz Arshad 
  • Mubeen Ayub 
  • Adeel Hashmi 
  • Rubiya Hamid 
  • Zaigham Zaheer 
  • Abeera Afzal 
  • Junaid Ali

Fine Arts
  • Muhammad Rizwan (Head) 
  • Mubeen Ayub 
  • Rubiya Shakeel
  •  Noor-e-Sahar
  • Ali Shad 
  •  Haseeb Yaqoob 
  • Junaid Shafique

The members shall now communicate to their respective Heads for any suggestion or notifications etc. Heads shall be evaluating each member and are responsible for selecting teams for each event. In case a member feels that the Head is not responding accordingly, he/she may contact the President or Information Secretary so that the issue may be resolved. Members are requested to keep their personal conflicts out of society.

November 10, 2010 Meeting Outline

Date: November 10, 2010.
Venue: Lecture Room B-217
Timing: 2 pm onwards

Meeting Outline

The following issues were discussed in the meeting:

The PLS blog has been created. Any further notices shall be posted via the blog. Also the blog shall serve as a forum for members to discuss issues, post suggestions, finalise events and make announcements.
All PLS members are advised to fill out the forms available on the blog and submit their details as soon as possible so that their details may be stored in PLS Database.

New PLS members selected through PLS Inductions 2010 were also announced. Few inductees have been added to the volunteer list. Their performance shall be assessed in the first upcoming event and their membership status shall be decided on their evaluation.

The intra-PIEAS Arts Exhibition has been postponed to after Eid-ul-Azha break. Meanwhile any submissions of art pieces are welcome to be displayed in the Exhibition.

The new framework of PLS has been finalised. The updated structure consists of four wings namely Literary Wing, Pi-Reativx, Organising Wing and Fine Arts Wing. Members shall be sorted into the wing by their preferences and evaluation by the Heads of the Wings.

The suggestion of membership fee was put to the members. The membership fee shall be considered as a fund for any society events. The finalised decision shall be notified via email and/or the blog.

Head Literary Wing Mr. Adeel Ashraf briefed the members about the events under the Literary Wing focusing mainly on the magazine. The magazine shall be issued monthly (InshAllah) and one issue shall be printed on an annual basis. The magazine shall cover a wide range of topics and shall comprise of an English section and an Urdu section.

Any suggestions about the title, logo, cover page, theme or any other ideas related to the magazine are welcome and can be posted on the blog. Also articles, proses, comics/cartoons, or any other pieces of writing that may be included in the magazine are welcome and can be sent via e-mail or may be posted on the blog.