Writing Competition:

1- Participation in any one of the categories is allowed.
2- English and Urdu essays should be 1000 to 1500 words long, while stories should be 1500 to 2000 words in length. Violating any of the limits will result in negative marking.
3- The deadline is 19 March 2016, after which no submission will be accepted.
4- Urdu writings are to be submitted in scanned form.
5- Submissions will only be accepted in PDF or Doc format.
6- Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
7- Participants under consideration for prizes will have to confirm the ownership of their submissions.

Judgment Criteria:Creativity of the content
Use of Vocabulary
Grammar and Sentence Structure
Overall quality of work

English Essay
1. Youth and Developing Pakistan
2. Social Norms, which shouldn't be.
3. Pakistan-A Resilient Nation  
4. Common Sense is so Uncommon

1. وہ مردِ مجاہد نظر آتا نہیں مجھ کو
2. مذہب اور انسان پرستی
3. گھر میں اندھیرا ھے
4. دھرتی کا قرض

Urdu Story
1. وہ بھاگتے قدموں کے ساتھ گھر سے باھِر آگئِ تھی۔ ھِتک بےعزتی کے احساس سے اس کی سانس گُھٹ رھی تھی۔ وہ جلد از جل۰۰۰
2. آج پھر اسے دفتر میں دیر ھوگئ تھی۔ بس میں بیٹھے وہ اپنی سوچوں میں گُم تھا کہ اچانک۰۰۰
3. آسمان بادلوں سے گھِرا ھوا تھا۔ تیز ھوایئں اُس سنسان جگھہ پر عجیب سی سنسناھٹ پیدا کر رہیں تھیں۔ یہ صرف وہی جانتا تھا کہ وہ یہاں کیوں آیا ہے، یا پھر۰۰۰
4. آخر کار وہ اس مُقام تک پوہچ ہی گیا تھا۔ وہ مُقام جس کا خواب وہ بچپن سے دیکھتا آیا تھا، وہ منزل جِس کو پانے کہ لئے ھزاروں لوگوں نے اپنی پوری زندگیاں لگا دیں تھیں۔ وہ اس مُقام پر۰۰۰

English Story
1. He turned the key in the lock and
   opened the door. To his horror, he saw…
2. Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering
   in the bright light of the harvest moon.
   The blackbird swooped down…
3. The asteroid was hurtling straight for Earth.
4. A black wall of cloud raced in from the west.
   Dead leaves scattered in the wind. Once again,
   the perfect setting for his arrival. But... 

Winner of each category will receive a voucher of Saeed Book Bank worth [Rs# 1000] and a certificate of recognition. All participants can request a certificate of a participation by
making a payment of 25Rs. All up-to the mark submissions will be made part of PIEAS Annual Magazine “Dareecha”.

How to Submit:
Submissions should be emailed at pieas.literary.society@gmail.com. Subject of the email should be “WCOMP19Mar2016, [Your Name], [Batch]”, and the email should also
contain your phone number.
Rules for Photography competition

l. Photos must be taken by the person himself.
2. Any type of camera can be used. DSLRs, mobile phones, point and shoot.
3.2 entries per participant are allowed. In case someone sends more than 2 entries, only
his/her first 2 entries will be entertained.
4. All entries must be sent to Email ID of PLS till 18 March, 2016.
5.Post processing is allowed but composites will result in disqualification. Composite means
merging of 2 photos or at least some part of 2 photos to form 1 unreal looking photo.
6.Techniques like focus stacking and Branizer method etc are allowed.
7.SOOC (Straight out of camera) version of your entry (all SOOCs in case of focus stacking
etc) must be sent alongwith your entry so judges can evaluate both the quality of
photography and post processing. Failing to send the SOOC versions will result in
8.EXIF data must be provided with each photo. It must include the following: model of
camera/mobile, lens (if DSLR is used), ISO, aperture, shutter speed. Date and time when the
photo was taken must be included as well. Failing to provide the aforementioned data will
result in disqualification.
9.All photos will be judged on the basis of composition used, focus points, quality of post
processing and visual appeal of photo.
10.Decision of judges will be final and must be accepted by all the participants.
                                           Buck up yourself for Annual Literary Exposition.

Hierarchy 2016-2017

Dr. Aman Ur Rehman

Wajiha Akbar

Vice President:
Mahnoor Aftab

General Secretary: 
Emad Ud Din

Finance Secretary: 
Bilal Ahmad

Info Secretary: 
Abdul Hanan

Head Arts:
Husnat Khalid

Head Literature:
Ameer Khan

Head Media:
Faran Aslam

Head Graphics:
Rao.M.Aamir Javaid
PIEAS Literary Society has succesfully published winter'2016 issue of PIEAS Quarterly Newsletter "Zeest" . The Newsletter can be read at following link.

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