Assignment: Learn to Design using Adobe Illustrator

Note: Before commencing towards assignments, learn how to export your work into various formats. You will need to submit your work in both AI and PNG formats. Visit following links to learn this.

Assignment 1:

Follow the tutorial on following link to create your own portrait.

Assignment 2:

Create a typographic* poster for following event:
PLS is organizing a “Book Gala”, with proposed dates 4th and 5th November. Various Publishers and Sellers will display books (All non-technical, i.e. Fiction, poetry etc.). Stalls will remain open from 8:30am to 4:00pm. The event is being organized in collaboration with PIEAS Central Library, and is open for all.
Guidelines: Poster should be welcoming. Look for a theme, write a storyline and portray it in your design. Try to sketch different ideas on paper before getting to a final solution.
*Typographic designs are those in which main design element is text. Search internet for various examples.

Assignment 3:

Part 1: Explain your use of colors in Assignment one and two i.e. why you picked those colors and what do they convey.
Part 2: Explain your whole design process of Assignment 2. This would contain your theme behind your design, the choice of colors, choice of symbols/figures/ shapes and choice of font i.e. why you did what you did.

How to Submit:

·         Email your assignment at
·         The Subject of your email should be “WSHP AI, [Your name], [Batch]”. The email message should also contain your phone number.
·         You should send two files for Assignment 1 and 2 each i.e. the original AI file and an exported PNG file. Assignment 3 should be send as an MS Word document or a PDF file. The name of each file should have this format “Assignment [1,2 or 3], [Your name]”

·         Deadline: Friday, 16th, 2015. No submission will be expected after this date.


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