PLS Wings

Members have been sorted into four wings. Kindly find below the members for each wing. Any objection should be notified before 20th December,2010. Objections may be posted here or sent via mail to

Literary Wing
  • Adeel Ashraf (Head)
  •  Faisal Fateh 
  • Aqsa Rukhsar 
  • Duraid Abdullah 
  • Jehanzeb Tariq 
  • Maaz Ansari 
  • Zain ul Abideen 
  • Umair Ahmad Khan 
  • Ali Raza 
  • Ali Shad 
  • Maham Haroon 
  • Amna Zahid 
  • Haseeb Yaqoob

Organising Wing
  • Asim Anwar (Head) 
  • Ali Asadullah Baig 
  • Danish Naseem 
  • Junaid Shafique 
  • Jehanzeb Tariq 
  • Amna Liaqat 
  • Maaz Ansari 
  • Mustansar Fiaz 
  • Munazza Majid 
  • Maaz Ahmad 
  • Abeera Ejaz 
  • Noor-us-Sahar  Hamed
  • Zainab Binte Rauf
  • Ali Raza

  • Mohammad Abdullah Arshad (Head) 
  • Junaid Shafique 
  • Rubiya Shakil 
  • Tariq Bashir
  •  Hassan Waqas Khan
  •  Muhammad Rizwan
  •  Waqas ur Rehman 
  • Abeer Fatima 
  • Faraz Arshad 
  • Mubeen Ayub 
  • Adeel Hashmi 
  • Rubiya Hamid 
  • Zaigham Zaheer 
  • Abeera Afzal 
  • Junaid Ali

Fine Arts
  • Muhammad Rizwan (Head) 
  • Mubeen Ayub 
  • Rubiya Shakeel
  •  Noor-e-Sahar
  • Ali Shad 
  •  Haseeb Yaqoob 
  • Junaid Shafique

The members shall now communicate to their respective Heads for any suggestion or notifications etc. Heads shall be evaluating each member and are responsible for selecting teams for each event. In case a member feels that the Head is not responding accordingly, he/she may contact the President or Information Secretary so that the issue may be resolved. Members are requested to keep their personal conflicts out of society.


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